Making of Mente Cover



The concept

— — From the beginning we decided to explore news ways of thinking an iPad magazine cover. How and why it should be different from printed ones? We all know that the cover of a printed publication has a very specific task which is, to stand out on the newsstands, to grab reader’s attention and, eventually, persuade him to buy the magazine. But when it comes to the iPad, the logic should be different. The role of the cover had to be closer to the one of a TV show opening titles. However, we thought that it would be important to keep some classical elements of a cover, namely the captions. Or, at least, the concept of captions. Traditionally, captions are pure information, being type crucial to communicate the contents in a clear way. Assuming that information on the iPad cover is not that important, we asked our model Madalena Cohen Martinez to follow a storyboard based on pictures and layouts from Mente’s artworks and to enact them. The reader would later find them through the magazine and, recognize them from that initial moment. The swipe gesture worked as the main visual theme, with pictures splitting in two halves sliding both sides revealing big type with the initials of each article. Bold typography, bright yellow and an overall strong black and white feel for the imagery, were trademark elements in this issue that we decided should appear since the very first screen.


The shoot

— — The shoot took place at photographer João Carlos studio. Along with art directors Vasco Colombo and Raquel Porto were hair and makeup artist Alex Me, model Madalena Cohen Martinez from Central Models, Pedro Davim assisting João and designer Marta Rocha.




— — The editing had a lead role on the final clip. The assemblage of video footage, type and other graphic elements had to be fast, precise and according to the soundtrack’s beat. It was a fun and time consuming job at +2 designers.




— — Here’s to examples of the way Madalena enacted some layouts:


And the final cover:

Concept: +2 Designers 
Art direction: Vasco Colombo + Raquel Porto
Video: João Carlos 
Post production: +2 Designers 
Hair + Makeup: Alex Me 
Model: Madalena Cohen Martinez / Central Models
Download Mente for free here: Mente

Portfolio and Interview in PF Prfessionale Fotografie NL Magazine

Earlier this yeas I was invited by my good friend  and fellow Koylab Ambassador Henk Van Kooten to give a seminar at his Studio in Holland . Henk has been organizing a series of events at  the  Dutch school of Photography , Evening Lectures thats what they are called . There is a previous post about that here .   moving along  with my regular scheduled post . At  the end of my presentation I was introduced to the editor at the time of the Photography Magazine PF Prfessionale Fotografie . .  He had enjoyed my presentation  and wanted to talk a little more ,  We exchanged contacts , but not before he invited me for a portfolio feature in a futre issue  . I am excited to share , the feature  and am super  excited my Image was selected for the cover ..


I spent a big part of my month of July working on two new projects. One of the biggest rewards for me is to build a relationship with a brand and one of my closest and ongoing relationships is with Koy Lab, my Portfolio Printer. Both brands, Koy Lab and my own Joao Carlos Media, share the same principles and values: we believe in Quality, Creativity and creating beautiful one of a kind pieces of art for our clients. While I was in the process of creating my brand new Portfolios (blog post about that in the works) I had an idea that I wasn't really sure I was going to be able to pull off.

On July 27th I had the opportunity to create an amazing campaign for Koy Lab. It was only a one day shoot but it was very intense.
We created a dress made out of photo albums just for this shoot -- it was going to be the center piece of the shoot and had to look amazing. It was built from scratch by very talented people: Li Francisco and the Koy Lab team and took a lot of time, talent and effort.


The end result was absolutely amazing and as soon as I saw it, I knew it would look beautiful in the final images.
The dress was big, heavy and fragile so we needed to handle it with extreme care and it took us some time to disassemble/assemble and move it from one location to the other. Luckily I was working with an extremely talented model and team and everything turned out fine in the end.

Then, after arriving at the location -- a beautiful theater -- the first step was to assemble the dress again and set everything up in the first room where we were shooting.

We shot that first location (more on that later) and after a quick lunch, we moved to the second location of the day -- the main room of the theater. It was a beautiful room, but a very big one, so lighting would be a challenge. This is my lighting setup with some BTS images:


I used the Westcott 5' Pro Signature Octabank, along with a Profoto Beauty Dish, aka a White Softlight Reflector. For fill, I added a Westcott 7' Silver Parabolic Umbrella and a Profoto silver reflector.
There was a smoke machine behind the book and I also had a strobe with a Rosco E-Colour #021: Gold Amber gel aimed at the smoke to add some sense of fantasy. Finally two more strobes (again, with Rosco E-Colour #021: Gold Amber gels) were positioned strategically in the room to light the ceiling and the countertops.
It was all shot on a PhaseOne 645DF+, with a Schneider Kreuznach 55mm LS f/2.8 lens and an IQ280 digital back. The strobes were triggered by a Profoto Air Remote and my memory cards of choice were some 64GB and 128GB SanDisk Extreme Pro CF cards.
For tripods, I used a Brian and an Eddie from 3 Legged Thing.

These are the final images and the BTS video:

The images are being featured on Photokina right now, so be sure to drop by Koy Lab's booth at Hall 9, C18/D13 and see it for yourself.

Director + DP - João Carlos --
Camera - Pedro Davim
Editor - Maria Rita
Designer - Li Francisco
Assistants - Diego Veríssimo, João Ferreira, Joana Lourenço
Model - Joana Colaço
Hair - Elsa Brandão
Make Up - Alex Me
Production assistant - Lucy
Post-production & 3D - My Shot Studio, João Costa
Thanks to - Pedro Reigoto, Marta Braga, Rita Chuva, Nelson Rodrigues and the Koy Lab Production Team, Samsung Portugal, Teatro Circo Braga, SanDisk

Equipment used in the creating of this campaign:
Profoto -
3 Legged Thing -
Think Tank Photo -

Lighting setups created using Sylights -

HOLAS Advertising, Catalogue and BTS images

Holas Beachwear is an awesome new men's beachwear clothing line. I was given the opportunity of shooting their first adverts and their next adverts are on my creative desk to shoot in a couple weeks. Holas SS14 was entirely shot in one very long day. Their collection was basically broken down into 4 lines: St. Tropez, Sicily, Rio De Janeiro and Ibiza. The biggest challenge was shooting around 20 images in one day with multiple location changes during the day. So that meant making the most of each location and hope the weather would hold up by the end of the day. 
So for this shoot the location was crucial. I had to find a place that I could easily pull of for different location styles in one. After many phone calls, hours online researching and a day of driving around location scouting, I finally was granted authorizations to a great backdrop for part of the shoot at hand.
It was a great Hotel -- Hotel Arribas -- that not only had an Olympic sized swimming pool, but was also next to a gorgeous beach AKA Praia das Maçãs.

After guaranteeing my first location with authorizations and budgets, and after the client saw my location scouting images, he chose two other fairly close beaches where we could get a different type of rock formations along with a different look and feel for the images taken there. When I location scout I use an application called Sun seeker as it helps me plan the day's shoot. It provides a flat view compass and an augmented reality camera 3-D view showing the solar path, its hour intervals, its winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times and more and a map view showing solar direction for each daylight hour.

My gear for the day was pretty simple for the most part; I had a Profoto B1 pack with one strobe. Beauty dish was the only light modifier. I also used a 5 in 1 reflector and two scrim jims -- 2x2 and 1.5 x 2 --  with silver, gold and scrim fabrics. I shot on the Hasselblad H3D 39 with a 28mm f/2.8 lens, an 80mm and 120mm Macro. I used a Canon 5D Mark III with a 70-200 f/2.8 and a 50mm f/1.2 for some of the action shots and magic hour images. I like to take advantage of my faster 35mm system, along with higher ISO possibilities.
I was also shooting using a 3 Legged Thing tripod whenever I could because the tripod helps give me extra sharpness. I can also usually create a better connection with my models when I am not hiding behind the camera and a tripod helps a lot with that. I almost always shoot directly to Sandisk Extreme Pro CF and SD cards. 64 and 128 GB.

Lighting setup for the main image (at the beginning of the post):

Some images were shot using just natural light and a Westcott Scrim Jim with a silver fabric as a reflector. Here's an example with both the image and the lighting setup:

My assistant Paulo working on his tan with the silver side of a Westcott scrim jim 2x2 reflector

My team for the day:
Photography & Production: Joao Carlos -
Model - Rodrigo Soares
Make-up - Alex Me
Assistants - Paulo Reis, Gonçalo Madeira
Retouching - Bruno Jorge

Equipment used in the shoot:
Hasselblad -
Canon -
SanDisk -
Profoto -
3 Legged Thing -
Westcott -
Think Tank Photo -

Lighting setups created using Sylights -