Controlling the Sun with the OMEGA REFLECTOR

I was recently in the south of France teaching a workshop to a group of professional photographers. I prepared a class about shooting in natural light and controlling the Sun. This is the best way to understand and manipulate light.

Using two Omega reflectors, one silver side and the other with Gold fabric and white diffuser. 


Image was processed using Tonality Pro from Manphun

This was also a perfect opportunity to use 10-in-1 Omega Reflector created by fellow Westcott TOP PRO Jerry Ghionis. I had not had the chance to use it yet and I was definitely curious. The unique design of the Omega allows you to use it kind of like a ring light, a gobo and a flag rather than just your normal old traditional 4 in 1 or 6 in 1 reflectors. At 38 x 45 inches, the Omega offers your typical black, white, silver, gold and 1-stop diffusion surfaces. However, what makes the Omega stand out is its removable center frame on each surface that allows you to shoot through the reflector! The possibilities of mix matching are endless.

For example: using the sun as a hair light, shooting through the opening allows the Omega to reflect most of that natural light back onto your subject, providing a nice fill. If you prefer to use strobes, then the Omega allows you to create a two-light setup with only one strobe, which translates into less gear to haul around! The Omega folds down to 14 x 14 inches (1/3 of its size) and comes with a carrying case and shoulder strap for easy portability. Westcott is also providing two suction cups with hooks to allow you to get creative in mounting it to windows, walls and other smooth surfaces. You can hang the translucent Omega on a window to help diffuse direct light coming in.

It's practical, light weight and affordable: it's the best newest addition to my creative Kit. For my workshop I used two Omega reflectors and also from Westcott the Eyelighter, which is the world's first curved reflector and basically the reinvention of the Tri-Flector.

The Omega reflector being used as a normal reflector, positioned to the left of my model's face. This is a beautiful direction of light, and it looks very similar to the light created by a softbox, however there is still a shadow that's very visible on the opposite side of where the reflector is located. 

Image created using the setup above.

Without a stylist on set, I helped prepare the model's looks of the day.

Here I am shooting through the Omega reflector using the silver bounce side. Results below.

Perfect Beauty light is achieved, the model's skin has wonderful bright skin tone and softness.

Final image where everything is juts placed perfectly . 

As you can see from the image on the back of my camera, no editing was practically needed.

Here I'm shooting with the Omega reflector directly above me. I like to shoot with a reflector in this position because of the way the shadows are more elongated on the model's face. Plus this angle eliminates cross shadows when the reflector is positioned from below instead.

Here you can see we are using the Omega as a scrim to shade our model. Notice how I leave the scrim fabric on  the reflector.

Don't be afraid to change your perspective and get on the ground to get the shot.

I like to have all my gear at my fingers, that's why I opt for using the Think Tank  Pro speed belts.

Thank you Yann for giving me a hand. 

Big thank you to all my workshop attendees for the great day and  Sophie Lenne - Terrer  and Sophie Protat    and  Marjorie Pruvosbtw pictures.A huge thanks to my gorgeous Model Maelle Eugene . 
I have to say thank you so my WS attendees and MMF PRO  for the support and all of the amazing Westcott Gear.