G-Technology and G-TEAM

Let me start by wishing you all a very happy and creative 2015. I can't begin to tell you all how excited and motivated I am for this New Year.
2014 was an amazing time in my life, both professionally and personally, with a lot of soul searching and personal growth. I was fortunate to work on some amazing projects taking me all over the world. It has been an incredible year: working for magazines, fashion brands  and technology companies alike, to create some of my best and most inspiring work to date.
So with a new year, that means new beginnings- new adventures and new collaborations. 
The first big news I have to share is that I am officially a member of the G-Technology Ambassador's program, known as the G-TEAM.
The G-TEAM comprises some of the world's most acclaimed and truly inspirational professionals in film, photography and music.
I was first introduced to G-Technology through my friend and fellow SanDisk Extreme Team member and G-TEAM member, Lucas Gilman.
I was tired at looking at my desk and having dozens of Hard Drives on it and years of precious work backed up literally all over the place. I was in desperate need of organizing around ten years and 20 TB of data. Thousands of hours of videos and hundreds of thousands of images were spread out on multiple brand and size drives. I had had issues with a couple of them, losing years of work, so I was in desperate need of a simple, practical, safe and fast storage solution- not that easy of a demand to fill. My clients always expect the best and greatest results from me and it's crucial I don't let them down, so my equipment has to be reliable and dependable and that's EXACTLY what I found when I thankfully discovered G - Technology.

G-Technology is launching some new products that promise to make our life easier and I'm really excited to try it out on location. They're the Rugged Family Drives. Take a look at the presentation videos:

Yeah, exactly. The drives come with a shockproof and waterproof case, which is an amazing thing to have whenever you're shooting on location, because your files are the most important thing and you want to make sure they're safe at all times.You can either buy the whole thing or just get the cases and use them on the drives you already own. All the info about this exciting new product can be found here.
Speaking of keeping your files safe, there's another amazing product by G-Technology that I've been using (and I also featured it in my Christmas Wishlist post) and I'm in love with: the G-Dock.
I can backup my files while shooting on location to a hard drive and when I get to the studio, I just insert the drive into the Dock (which is connected to my desktop computer), making a second backup automatically and being able to access my files whenever I want to. The G-Dock system is amazingly flexible and makes my workflow super fast.
Also featured in my Christmas Wishlist was the G-Speed Studio, which is another great tool for file storage and backups. I realized how critical it was to have backups in different places, when I lost about five years of images during the Hurricane Sandy. The G-Speed Studio is a great tool because it has four qualities that I consider essential in my digital workflow: capacity, durability, reliability and speed and allows you to reach up to 64TB of storage capacity- perfect for storing all your files and backups.

My Christmas Wishlist (or 25 goodies under 50000€)

So Christmas is coming and we all like to think about new gear this time of the year. There have been some very exciting releases in our industry during the year and I thought I would make my own wishlist -- with some things that I own and like and some others that I'd really like to try. Give it a look and let me know what you think:

This is a cute little lens for your phone that creates sort of a radiant blur effect in your pictures. It comes with an app that allows you to place the spot of focus wherever you want in the image and it's a pretty fun gift on this holiday. Also, because it's small, makes for an excellent stocking stuffer.
These are the kind of shots you can expect to get:

Want to transfer all your photos, videos and files from your phone to your tablet and computer? The iXpand Flash Drive is the best solution for that. Also a good stocking stuffer because it's so small and light.

Grip & Shoot is an accessory for your iPhone that lets you control your phone via bluetooth while providing for a better grip while you take photos or video. You can also remove the stand and use it as a tripod adapter.


Hasselblad's new camera and CMOS sensor are a must. You can now shoot medium format in high ISO and still have an amazing image quality.

Whenever I'm shooting 35mm, this is my wide angle lens of choice. I own one and my copy is very sharp, fast and extremely reliable -- three characteristics that are appreciated when you need to get the job done no matter what.

KICK is a LED light. But not any LED light. This is a programmable and adjustable one. It comes with an app for your smartphone and can replicate colors and light effects you see around you or from videos on your phone. You can even link several KICKs wirelessly and control them all on your phone. Another pretty cool and small gift I wouldn't mind having on my stockings.

Another very cool light source. Small and portable, yet powerful and versatile. It can shoot flash (with adjustable flash speed from 1/8000 to 1 second) or continuous light, so it's great for both stills and video.

LED lights are awesome, but sometimes you just need some more power while shooting on location. Enter Dynalite's Baja 4. It is a 400 Ws portable strobe that can work both on AC or DC power, so it's perfect to use outside.


G-Technology has some amazing storage solutions and this is one of the best. It connects via Thunderbolt technology and takes two separate hard drives, making it the perfect tool to store your files and backups.

 When you work in Digital Photography you produce lots and lots of big files on a daily basis. Those files need to be stored somewhere. And then you need to have backups, just in case. And that's exactly why you would want this hardware RAID system; you can configure the RAID mode according to your needs and create backups for your files easily.

 If you're like me and travel a lot, you'll probably want one of these: It's a USB external drive, compatible with every laptop, making it easy for you to store your files while traveling.

Also, G-Technology is having a competition! Enter for a chance to win a G-Dock or a G-Drive. More info here.

SanDisk Extreme PRO SDHC 512 GB

In a world where digital files are getting bigger and bigger, we need cards that are big and fast enough. This is the biggest and fastest there is.

Macphun makes some really cool apps that can be installed as standalone apps or as Photoshop/Lightroom/Aperture plugins. I'm a huge fan of their Tonality app particularly.

Build albums quickly and easily with this intuitive software.

Ever heard of The Tutu Project? BlackRapid partnered with them and is now selling the BlackRapid Kick pink. $10 of every purchase will go to the Carey Foundation, who supports women and men diagnosed with breast cancer.

You probably already know the GoPro. This is their latest model, featuring 4K video and 12MP photos. If you're into video and usually hang out in some extreme conditions, this is probably right for you.

I'm a huge fan of reflectors; they're lightweight, easy to carry around and amazing tools that allow you to control the light. The Omega Reflector, by Westcott takes reflectors to another level, by introducing a unique design with a removable center and allowing for an extra degree of creativity.

Looking for a big, trustworthy, rolling case for your lighting gear? Look no more. ThinkTank has been creating some amazing camera bags for years and this is no exception.

Having music while shooting on location helps keeping everyone happy on set but sometimes it's hard to have powerful enough speakers that can produce a nice and clear sound for long periods of time. Anker solved this issue with their portable speaker. Just connect it to your phone or computer via bluetooth and get things going.

This little device basically allows you to charge your phone/tablet anywhere and everywhere. Very useful when you're traveling. A must have for me.

Another great option for traveling photographers/videographers. This slider compacts down to a very small box, making it easy to transport, and easily supports your HDSLR or most high-end pro cameras.

Syrp is a company from New Zealand where design and technology get together to create tools for film makers.

I've been using 3 Legged Thing tripods for a while now and never felt disappointed. They're very stable, compact and reliable. This new one can hold up to 10kg and comes with an Air Head and a built-in detachable monopod.

If you want your post-production to be consistent, you must calibrate your monitor(s). The Spyder4Elite is the only calibrator in the market that allows you to calibrate your computer monitor, TV, iPad, iPhone and projector.

Portrait Box by Koylab

Another good thing to get yourself or a friend is the Portrait Box. Choose your favorite images of the year and print them in high quality paper with a beautiful finish.

This is a very versatile thing to have in your studio. Obviously it's mainly used to place your computer and accessories when shooting tethered but it can work as a multipurpose workstation.
They're having a Holiday promotion until December 24, so tune in if you're looking for a good deal.

Last but not least, some fun. Ever wanted to make ice cubes that look like cameras, lenses or flashes? Now you can!

Also important
FilmicPro is having a contest with some really cool prizes, by 3 Legged Thing, Aviator Camera Gear, Think Tank Photo, among others. And I'm one of the judges, so make sure you drop by the website and read all the info about it. And don't forget to participate!

Have a nice Holiday everyone. And a very happy New Year.


Things have been a little crazy with no stop traveling all year round. Trust me, I am not complaining -- I love my job -- but that's the main reason why the blog hasn't been updated regularly.

A few months ago I was in the beautiful city of Braga shooting a campaign for Koy Lab. At the same time, I was also shooting 4K video, using two Samsung S5 phones, kindly provided by Samsung Portugal. Yeah, that's right; cellphones these days can shoot 4K video, can you believe that? And of course, you need to have extremely fast and reliable micro SD cards for your video -- that's why I went with the new 64 GB SanDisk  MICRO SDXC UHS I Extreme Pro cards. That's as good as it gets.
My first impressions were very good. The phones responded very quickly, both shooting video and stills.

The amazing new 64 GB SanDisk  MICRO SDXC UHS I Extreme Pro by SanDisk

We had a dress entirely made out of photo albums that was made specifically for this shoot and we only had one day of production so I knew we had to be quick. Using two Samsung S5 really made things easy because the phones are small and easy to carry so I could shoot with a Hasselblad H3DII-39 or even the PhaseOne 645DF+ I was testing, while snapping some BTS photos and videos with the Samsung S5 in between. I usually had them set on some 3 Legged Thing tripods (I had three of them with me -- Brian, Eddie and Frank) but I could easily take them off the tripod and shoot handheld.

But what exactly is 4K video?
4K is ultra high definition video. The industry standard 4K resolution is 4096 x 2160 but because of the 16:9 aspect ratio used by most televisions, usually 4K video has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (to fit in the 16:9 ratio). This means that every single frame from the video is an 8.3 Megapixel image. So you can even extract single frames and print them if you want to.

Here's the full 4K BTS video, shot entirely with two Samsung S5:

All of the following BTS images were shot and edited on a Samsung S5 with a 64 GB SanDisk MICRO SDXC UHS I Extreme Pro


As you can see, the phones did a great job, even in low light conditions inside the theater.

And here's some more behind the scenes shots -- not shot with the S5 -- to give you one more glimpse of what was happening. The final images, shot on a Hasselblad H3DII-39 and a PhaseOne 645DF+, were displayed at Photokina, in Koy Lab's booth. You can see them and find out more about the shoot on this post.
I was also speaking at Photokina this year, in SanDisk's booth.
 That's yours truly speaking at this year's Photokina, at SanDisk's booth.
David Newton, Joao Carlos, Michael Grecco, Richard Walch, Marcel Lammerhirt and Lars Schwellnus (left to right).

Koylab's booth at the 2014 Photokina with my image on the background.

 The image being displayed at Koy Lab's booth, on Photokina.

Me taking some close-up pictures of our beautiful model with the Samsung S5. She's also taking a selfie with the other S5 and there's Pedro Davim doing some video work, using a Rocket Travel Slider.

Everyone working on the dress and making sure everything looks perfect.
Li Francisco, the designer, making sure the dress looks great while I take some BTS pictures on the S5.
Snapping some BTS pictures on the first location of the day.

Our first location for the day.
Phones and batteries charging in the Hotel room. It's a critical step to make sure everything is up and running when you're on location.
The first room we shot, as seen through the Samsung S5's lens.

Me shooting some more BTS images on the S5, with the Hasselblad set on a tripod and ready to go.
Shooting with the Hasselblad H3DII39 and a 28mm lens. Again, there's Pedro Davim doing some video work using a
Rocket Travel Slider and a Canon EOS 5D Mk III.

Director + DP - João Carlos -- www.joaocarlosphoto.com
Camera - Pedro Davim
Editor - Maria Rita
Designer - Li Francisco
Assistants - Diego Veríssimo, João Ferreira, Joana Lourenço
Model - Joana Colaço
Hair - Elsa Brandão
Make Up - Alex Me
Production assistant - Lucy
Post-production & 3D - My Shot Studio, João Costa
Thanks to - Pedro Reigoto, Marta Braga, Rita Chuva, Nelson Rodrigues and the Koy Lab Production Team, Samsung Portugal, Teatro Circo Braga, SanDisk

Equipment used in the creating of this campaign:
SanDisk - http://www.sandisk.com
Aviator Camera Gear by Nice Industries - http://www.aviatorcameragear.com
Profoto - http://profoto.com
3 Legged Thing - http://www.3leggedthing.com
Think Tank Photo - http://www.thinktankphoto.com